Monday, 2 September 2013

Updated: Foundry release Citadel Mercenaries and Blandford Warriors...also Barbarians

I've got some more information and pics of Foundry's latest old Citadel releases. I also neglected to mention that they have unearthed some old Barbarians (or Norse/Vikings...however you want to label them), which I've detailed below.

The first thing to say is that I spoke with Marcus at Foundry about the release of these figures and he told me that the reason they aren't on the website at the moment is that they are waiting for sets of them to be painted up, which makes sense. Some, but not all, have been painted. If you want them in the meantime its best if you call them.


Here are the figures I picked up at the weekend:

If you read my blog post on Saturday you will remember that I posted a link (from the Stuff of Legends site) to a colour advert which appeared in White Dwarf for this range, which were labelled as "Mercenaries". That particular advert is actually missing two figures from this range, and the full range can be seen on a flyer that was released in 1987 (known as the "Thank You Mr President" flyer):

Comparing the flyer with the White Dwarf ad, you will see that "Hodge" and "Stiffy" are not in the White Dwarf ad. Comparing the flyer with Foundry's latest release, "Symond" and "Stiffy" are absent from the figures I picked up at the weekend. It's entirely possible that they exist on moulds which are yet to be spun at Foundry. Alternatively they may previously have been absorbed into another range at Foundry which I am not aware of.

Here are some of the painted figures that were on display at Foundry over the weekend:

Blandford Warriors and Barbarians

The following pictures illustrate a mixture of Blandford Warriors and Barbarians that I purchased at the weekend. All but one of the Blandford Warriors (the Teutonic Knight) are present; again, it might be the case that the Teutonic Knight is on a different mould:

Blandford Warriors

Figures on bottom left and far right are Blandford Warriors, the rest are barbarians.

This one is interesting - I'm pretty sure the figure second from the left is a barbarian variant from Citadel's old AD&D range.

It's such a joy to see these figures in production again. How many more of the old Citadel "fighters" historical-crossovers ranges might be left to unearth? And the old AD&D barbarian variants?


  1. Brilliant. Weird to see them with solid bases!

  2. Great Stuff :-)

    Dont they have the molds for the old Bretonian sculpts as well?

    1. somebody must have the Bretonnian molds? Does anyone know?

  3. My slowly growing norse army weeps tears of joy. Now if only they could unearth some of the old norse dwarfs, that would really make an old leadhead happy


  4. I think they only have stuff that could reasonably pass as human historical minis, everything else stayed at GW to apparently be trashed in the early 2000's.

    If I find time I'll do a comparison shot to the originals so we can judge sizes, I guess unless Steve gets there first.

  5. I still hold out a faint hope that Bryan Ansell managed to sneak out some of the old Chaos champion/warrior/thug moulds! You've no idea how much I'd love Foundry to recast all those old chaos models!

  6. @Erny: I know, but have you seen the ebay prices on those things, same with the werewolves, I am just a poor student......