Saturday 31 August 2013

Foundry release Citadel Mercenaries and Blandford Warriors

Foundry have found the moulds for these old Citadel figures and they have gone on sale today at Oldhammer and are now on general sale (images of the original Citadel figures from Stuff of Legends):

They would make great Empire figures!


  1. Doh! And I only just bought Wyatt and Perkins off Ebay the other month! Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how the Foundry castings match up to the originals. I bought a bunch of ex-Citadel feudals to go with my Bretonnians and found almost all of them way too small, which was gutting. But I recently picked up an original Citadel casting of one of the archers and Foundry's version is clearly smaller (and not as well cast!). Are they using production castings as masters to make new moulds?

  2. Bloody good news! I'd love to paint a group of these for a game of 1st ed. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

  3. Bah and there was me hoping only us there on the day would get hold of them...

    They look fine in the lead, great casts, I bought silly numbers. Hope they sell loads and find some more gems.

  4. I've added a new post today with pictures of what I bought and an analysis of what is missing from the ranges so far. I also neglected to mention the barbarians...