Thursday 15 August 2013

Paint schemes for mounted Realm of Chaos warriors

I'm currently painting up a mounted unit of Citadel Miniatures Khornate Chaos warriors for Oldhammer Weekend and I turned to the old Realm of Chaos cavalry in Bryan Ansell's collection for some inspiration on painting the horses. If you're also looking for a little inspiration then take a look at the images below - many of these can be seen in the pages of the two Realms of Chaos books and in the pages of White Dwarf issue 104 (and probably several others from around that time).

Plus a little banner inspiration:

No chaos cavalry retrospective would be complete without Kaleb Daark's mutant warsteed:


  1. Such classic minis and paint jobs. My favorite for a Khorne unit is probably third from the top. Have you decided which way to go? /Hans

    1. In terms of the colour of the horse I'm going for second from the top, but for the riders yes it will be similar to third from the top.

  2. FANTASTIC!!! all great examples of wonderful Oldhammer PJs...also obvious heavy use of the colored metallic paints that Citadel was making at this time.

  3. That's what I call THE CHAOS !! Impressive miniatures, I feel "Fear" when I see them on the battlefield...
    Maybe you know I paint them actually, and I have a surprise for you Steve!! I bought one horse from your (unpainted) collection on eBay last month, My project is to paint your name on his base... for an eternal dedication ;)

  4. Amazing Steve! Your scheme seems to be 80's flavoured but with a contemporary professionalism. Love it!