Friday, 24 October 2014

Foundry's forthcoming Kev Adams Beastmen...and some orcs

These have not yet been cast! I wanted to put this disclaimer in right at the start so (hopefully) nobody gets confused and calls Foundry to order a bunch because these have not yet been cast!

I called in on Wargames Foundry yesterday and took the opportunity to see the line of chaos beastmen that Kev Adams is starting to sculpt for Bryan. These will probably be released under the Warmonger Miniatures banner once the time is right, but I'm afraid I don't have information as to when this might be. Bryan is still pondering how to approach the release, and he may go the Kickstarter route; he hasn't decided yet. I don't think the name of the figures themselves is set in stone either: although they are clearly "beast men" they may yet end up with a different title.

Kev has sculpted a bunch of heads, and is now starting with some bodies. As you might expect from Kev the quality of the work is stunning, with bags of character and a "proper chaos" feel. Currently the heads are mainly of the "goat man" type (which he has executed brilliantly I'm sure you'll agree) but he assures me he will also be sculpting mutated beastmen, so there's a right mix to come - exciting stuff!

The idea is that these figures will come with separate heads that you can interchange across bodies. The following is an example of a work in progress with a random head attached but not fixed:

Here's what appears to be a female beastman (beastwoman?), but with an orc head attached:

Here are some more heads. There is a mutated one (centre top) and a sinister elephant head on the left. Also check out the head bottom right - very reminiscent of old Citadel Broo and scale-wise (it's a little smaller than the others) I think it would sit very well with the separate headed Broo box set that Citadel produced:

A close-up with that Broo-like head bottom of picture:

Some more close-ups:

Kev has also been working on some shield designs based on some concepts that Bryan came up with:

The different colours are actually different colours of modelling putty that Kev is working with. He's using standard greenstuff for the bulk of his figures but the coloured putty above is Sylmasta A+B Epoxy Putty. I had the pleasure of watching Kev work, sculpting some horns on a beastman's head, which was fascinating.

I'm not certain but I think some of the shields above are intended for the new orcs that Kev is producing for Warmonger Miniatures. Some of these orcs have been shown previously on other blogs but I'm sure you wouldn't mind seeing some more. Again, some of these are separate-head figures, which is why some of them look like their heads are perched on their necks - that's just Bryan and Kev messing around trying different heads on different bodies!

 There's LOADS more orcs than what you can see above. Kev has been working on lots of orc heads:

Excited? I am!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Bryan Ansell collection: Warlock of Firetop Mountain miniatures

Just a quickie from me today. Yesterday, James of the Realm of Chaos 80s blog posted the Metal Mayhem articles from the now defunct Warlock magazine. Within these articles could be seen the figures from the 1980s Warlock of Firetop Mountain range by Citadel. James posed the question as to whether the figures illustrated were the original plastics or metal counterparts.

Well, not only can I confirm they are plastic, but they now reside in Bryan Ansell's collection:

Nicely painted, I'm sure you will agree.