Monday 30 September 2013

The Bryan Ansell collection: Talisman Timescape, Talisman Dungeon and Chainsaw Warrior figures

Bryan Ansell has the majority of the painted figures that appeared in the Talisman White Dwarf adverts in issues 94 (Talisman Dungeon) and 100 (Talisman Timescape). Unfortunately I have been unable to find the Talisman Dungeon Sprite, Dark Elf and Scout figures, but as a bonus I have included the three non-Talisman Chainsaw Warrior figures in this post (an additional Chainsaw Warrior was included in the Talisman Timescape set). Stupidly, I completely mixed up the figures in taking the pics below!


  1. Good grace , what a nice collection of adventurers. I have to say though I have teh space pirate, I didn't know he was designed as part of this collection... Some very good models for PRG and skirmish...

    Thanks for this (once again) very instructive and most delightful tour amongst Bryan's collection.

  2. Big fan of the Talisman miniatures. There such a great variety to them, almost like a "best of Citadel" collection. Thanks for sharing. /Hans