Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Bryan Ansell collection: shields up!

The last time I saw Bryan he presented me with a cardboard box about the size of a brick, which was full of old Citadel metal shields. Bryan offered me the opportunity to take a sort the shields for variants, a challenge I duly accepted.

Here are the results: 61 different variants in total. Are you a fan of these old shields?

The shields with faces, top row, are particularly characterful, with some being differentiated by just subtle differences in facial features:


  1. Yes I love these shields but they seem to be scarce for me. Its great to see so many together!

  2. I have a handful of these...need to look to see what I'm missing. When plastic shield came in I wept a little although the embossed ones are still neat.

  3. Wow, so many of these I've never seen before.. and so many more I want :)

  4. Great post,
    good to see the shields they made, many of which I have not seen before. I have a few of them on various miniatures and they always add that little bit extra :)

  5. Lordy. I love these shields. So many...

  6. Nice to see so many variants in 1 place did Bryan say this was all of them or just some?
    I have 17 myself but I have 6 I cannot see on your pics. 1 is a turtle shield that is identical to the preslotta lizardmen from the box set and the other 5 seem to have a pin hole in the back and not the usual hole for the shield tab.
    They all came in the same bundle together and are the same metal.
    Any ideas?