Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Updated: Foundry ex-Citadel Mercenaries now on website

I've had a message from Marcus at Foundry to indicate that they've been having trouble setting up a proper section for the mercenaries on the Foundry website, so there will be a little while before the page is part of the navigation bar. But in the meantime it is possible to order the figures via the website if you go directly to this link:


I've also had some information from Marcus in response to queries as to whether or not the Foundry castings would be smaller than the original Citadel, and if Foundry are using production castings as masters. Marcus writes:

As far as I'm aware the moulds we would cast masters from are the very same moulds that the original greens were pressed in, so we should be able to make models at least as chunky. However, we should still have the original set of master castings and I would hope that nothing has happened to any of these over the years that would make us need to cast more. Theoretically, since production moulding and casting techniques should have advanced in the decades since the models were originally released, we should be making them both chunkier and crisper!

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  1. I think I'll be clicking that link soon :)

    Good to hear about the moulds too.