Thursday, 5 September 2013

Fimir - fawsends of 'em!

OK, maybe not "fawsends", but I reckon 100 - 150 at least...

I've just been browsing through "Fantasy Miniatures" 1988, and while reading the write up on "The Great Day" i.e. the Golden Demon Awards 1988 I spotted a rather interesting battle scene.

You can see the scene in question on the bottom row, centre, above. I love pouring over old pics of battle scenes like this, and on closer inspection I realised that every single figure in the army facing the camera is a fimir! There must be at least 100 - 150 of them, and those are just the ones in the shot! Here's a close-up of the scene - feel free to drool over it:

What do you think the fimir are facing? Skaven? But that dinosaur-like thing in the centre towards the bottom is a bit of a mystery. Any ideas?


  1. Facing Skaven without a doubt, you can see the line of Warpfire Throwers. That Dino thin is werid though maybe a home made cockrice (sp?)

  2. Its Pete Taylor's Fimir army if I remember correctly, and those are his skaven too I reckon. Some of them appeared in Warhammer Armies. That dragon thing may be one of his famous conversions.

  3. It's photo's like that that prove that perhaps not everything on Ebay is a recast. Imagine if that army surfaced today and found its way onto Ebay... (if theessexgirl listed it I'm sure he'd slap his biggest price tage ever on the lot. Maybe 1,000,000!? lol).

    1. Double that if it was listed by 'Alexchattaway'!

  4. Almost a decade late to this, but the dinosaur thing is a Tabletop Games miniature for Laserburn (Szithks female war bird):

    It's been re-released by Alternative Armies:

    There seems to be one on each side in the battle picture. I have a dim recollection that one of these was to be glimpsed in Ravening Hordes or a similar Warhammer book.