Thursday 19 October 2017

Beasty boy

This one has been in my undercoated pile for a little while, and happens to be one of my fav beastmen of the classic Realm of Chaos era. A classic Jes Goodwin sculpt.

Paint-wise I've used a mixture of Foundry and GW, and for the first time I tried P3 paints (on the skull head). I like the P3, but if I'm honest the only reason I picked them up was because I visited my FLGS looking for something else which I couldn't get, so didn't want to leave empty-handed. Aren't I considerate? I'd consider buying more P3 but in the same way as most of us amass figures I also seem to amass paints. Many many of my paints have never been used. Partly to do with the fact I haven't done *that* much painting but more because I find it hard to resist the "shiny shiny" as it were.

I also have a confession to make - I recently bought a load of the GW dry paints. I've heard some berate these as a corporate scam, but do you know what? I think they are great! I know I could probably get the same result from the regular paints but I find I actually use the dry paints, which is always a good sign! In this case the reddish rear of the beastman was drybrushed, and I'm happy with how it turned out.

If you want to know what any of the other colours are just leave a comment below.



  1. I find the dry paints to be quite good, especially the metallics, most of the whining you hear come from people who cant deal with the fact that GW is a profit making company, and that things cost money, yet they don't get irate at Tamiya selling girls world eye shadows as weathering kits....

  2. That mini is one of my favourites of all times, I love what you did here!

  3. a really nice PJ (paint job) on a really nice classic model !

  4. Beasty looks great!
    I've been using P3 paints for a few years now, not exclusively- but they do have some colors that fill gaps in other lines (GW, Vallejo) quite nicely. The two colors I would say are must own from the P3 line are the Thamar Black (great coverage, bigger pot than GW) and the Cryx Bane Base (great for mixing into other colors as a shade and adds a slight greenish hue without overpowering).
    The GW dry paints are an interesting one- I bought a few when they came out, and didn't care for them- but on terrain and batch painting bases they are wonderful.

  5. One of the greats from that line of ROC beastmen. Steve how did you do the flesh tone on the hands and arm?

    1. Foundry Cadaverous Green triad. Gives a nice "dead-ish" flesh effect.

  6. A lovely figure, Steve. You must be pleased with the outcome. Nice to see the 'Collector' blogging again! (: