Tuesday 29 September 2015

The Kev Adams collection part 3

In this week's post I feature some of Kev's painted Machineries of Destruction, plus a prize-winning chariot he painted for a Citadel Open Day.

I'll mostly let the pictures do the talking. I've tried to focus on Kev's incredible attention to detail when it comes to the bases.

All three of the Machineries of Destruction featured here are the actual ones from the covers of the boxes in which these kits were sold. You can see the box covers on the Stuff of Legends.


MD2 Skull Crusher, Mighty Goblin Stone Throwing Trebuchet

Monday 28 September 2015

A Tale of Four Oldhammer Gamers: tutu evasion

So I got a bit confused this month and assumed that the deadline for the first batch of 100 points completed would be October, but apparently not! So rather than have to wear a pink tutu (don't ask) I rushed to get out 100 points by the end of September deadline. I figured the quickest way to do this was to paint one of my command figures, and so I present to you F'rrr K'iw, level 5 Lizardman hero:

I really like this range of Lizardmen, which started off as preslotta figures but many of them then acquired slotta tabs. I can't remember with certainty who sculpted them but I think it was Trish Carden.

According to Warhammer Armies, a level 5 Lizardman hero with a shield costs 72 points, so I'm not quite up to the 100 pts, so I guess I'll have to make up the deficit next month.

But hopefully it's enough to avoid Chico's pink tutu...

Check out my fellow gamer's progress: Chico's fabulous jade temple dog, and James' stylish (if Nurgle can be considered stylish!) palanquin. Paul promises to have something uploaded by Wednesday, so keep an eye on his blog!

Friday 4 September 2015

The Kev Adams collection part 2

In the first installment of this series of blog posts I focussed on the goblins in Kev's collection; this week it's the turn of the orcs, ogres and trolls, and features some of my favourite of Kev's conversions and paint jobs. Many of the bases are adorned with Kev's characterful trademark foliage.

First up are some converted orcs which are, for me, the stand-out figures in Kev's collection.

Here's a classic Perry twin orc sculpt, one of the first slotta orcs, a line of figures that Kev went on to dominate. The original sculpt (no. 14 here at SOL) is a great figure, but Kev manages to make it more menacing and war-like with the addition of armour plates on the arms and the helmet protrusions:

Wednesday 2 September 2015

A Tale of Four Oldhammer Gamers...ribbit

So this thing is happening. Back in July, just prior to this year's BOYL, the esteemed Warlord Paul of The Black Hole blog suggested we take on the challenge of "A Tale of Four Gamers", an idea that first appeared in White Dwarf 218 back in 1998. The "we" being Paul, Chico (Oldhammer on a Budget), James (Realm of Chaos 80's) and myself. The armies would be of an Oldhammer flavour and we will fight our battle/s at BOYL 2016.

The rules are simple in that between now and BOYL we must each amass a force of 1000pts at a rate of roughly 100pts per month, and to blog about our progress at least once per month. We haven't set ourselves a cash budget in that we each already have most, if not all, of the miniatures we will need. So the bulk of the challenge will lie in the painting and the modelling.

The forces chosen are:

- Chico: Hobgoblins
- James: Chaos (Nurgle)
- Paul: Undead
- Myself: Slann

John Blanche's wonderful Slann illustration from the 3rd edition Warhammer Armies book.

Why Slann? Well, since returning to the gaming scene at BOYL 2013 I've only painted two forces: a chaos warband for BOYL 2013 (that didn't actually make an appearance), and a human/giant force for BOYL 15. Both forces had one thing in common: a predominantly red/gold colour scheme. This was coincidence rather than design but I think it's fair to say that I'm now utterly bored of this colour scheme! So part of the reason for choosing a Slann force was because I could experiment with very varied colour schemes. If you think frogs are just a dull green colour then try googling Dendrobates and check out the wonderful colour schemes of these amazing little creatures. What better inspiration could I have!

I also discovered when researching Slann army choices in the 3e Warhammer Armies book that Slann animal handlers can not only take warhounds, but giant scorpions, giant spiders and sabre-tooth tigers! Brilliant opportunities for painting and modelling there.

So look out: the frogs are coming.