Thursday 25 February 2016

TFOG February entry - Troglodytes

My every-growing Slann army continues to grow without any Slann. This month I've painted a unit of Troglodytes for A Tale of Four Oldhammer Gamers:

These are Trish Carden sculpts from the 1980s.

As per my lizardmen last month, I've given these "counts as double handed weapons" for those things they are carrying, which comes out at 44 points per figure, so 176 points in total this month.

Troglodytes cause fear but suffer from stupidity. On the plus side they are immune to fear and panic. Amusingly they also "cause nausea" which mean they smell so badly that anyone in combat with them suffers a -1 to hit! So hopefully all told they should cause some fun on the battlefield.

I've gone for a bish-bosh approach again with painting these...there are possibly even some parts I've left unpainted.

Basing-wise, I've tried recessed bases on these (40mm) and I think they've turned out OK. Minimum effort for mediocre results is my maxim for this force. I haven't painted the rim of the bases because yet again I'm being indecisive about the base colour. In my defense I'm just about out of the old Calthan Brown, so I may have to repaint all the bases with some different shade of brown.

So, we are about halfway through this challenge now and I keep putting off painting some Slann. I've got a Troglodyte hero lines up for next month, but from April it will be Slann all the way.