Friday 1 November 2013

Unreleased Rogue Trader era Trooper (the Bryan Ansell collection)

This is the last of the five unreleased Rogue Trader era adventurer types that I've discovered in Bryan Ansell's collection:

The figure has "Trooper" written on the front of the slotta tab and is dated 1987 on the rear of the tab, so another very early Rogue Trader figure.

Whereas there has been some debate over potential figures of origin for the unreleased RT figures I have shown previously, the origin of this Trooper is in no doubt: it's "Old World Jack" from the Space Pirates/Mercenaries range (image from Collecting Citadel Miniatures wiki):

Annoyingly I dont have one of these Old World Jack figures near me as I write but I'll have to check the date on the base tab later. I'm assuming it has to be 1987 but wouldn't it be fascinating if it was later? That would mean the unreleased figure came first. Anyway, I'll update the post later tonight.


  1. I just stripped this model today and it reads 1987 on the tab. (just blogged about him yesterday ;) )


  2. I swear I've seen photos in one of the old Rogue Trader era books that show that unreleased guy with his head painted as an 8 ball.

    1. Yup! Page 189 of the Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader book. Isn't that him mixed in the penal column and painted with as 8 ball?

  3. That Trooper is great! The austronautish helmet make him stand out - Nice!

  4. Interestingly, Old World Jack's face is almost exactly the same as the old Chainsaw Warrior sculpts too.