Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Unreleased Foundry Victorian in Steam Powered Armour

Foundry have published pictures of a couple of unreleased Victorians in Steam Powered Armour over on their Facebook page. The last time I was at Stoke Hall I snapped a pic of one of these figures, and here he is in all his glory:

A wonderful figure blessed with a fantastic paint job! I'm not sure if these figures are on general release yet - best way to find out is to give Foundry a ring (0115 841 3000).


  1. These are absolutely brilliant, really ake me think of the rogue traders you can read about in the book of the astronomican.
    Do you know how many of these exist?
    Hope they get released the sooner (with Christmas and all the stuff if you see what I mean ;) )
    Thanks Steve.

  2. That's a great model. Any updates on whether it's been released yet?