Friday 11 October 2013

The Bryan Ansell collection: Kev Adams' Slann and Banner

Some of the mounted Slann in Bryan's cabinet painted by Kev Adams in the early days of Citadel:

Absolutely gorgeous colour-schemes, wouldn't you agree? Very befitting of the Slann. Bryan has a few more of these so I'll snap some more on a future visit.

Bryan also has this banner. He's not sure if it was actually painted by Kev but there's no doubt it's a portrayal of Kev:


  1. The colour palette for those slanns is really superb, curious to knox how that blends in the colour theory.

    Banner is very good to with typical humour and reference to studio member (less frequent on banner and models than in drawings)

  2. Work on shields is wonderful. Thank you Steeve.
    Bye Nico

  3. Beautifully painted Slann.
    Excellent shields, and really nice converted banners, some good painting inspiration.
    Thank you for the post, interesting to see thier vision of how the Slann looked to them.