Thursday 25 April 2013

The mystery of the disappearing images and a lesson learned!

Apologies to anyone browsing my blog over the past day who encountered a bunch of symbols in place of images (thanks to Warlord Paul for the heads-up). This is what happened: I was browsing the gallery on my "smart" phone yesterday and noticed that it had downloaded the images from my blog. Not needing them on my phone I proceeded to delete them. What I hadn't realised is that my phone had synced the images and not downloaded them, so when I deleted them from my phone it also deleted them from my blog! So I've been spending a fair bit of time adding the images back to the blog. I'm nearly there but I've got a couple of posts left to go, so please bear with me.

I wont be doing that again...!


  1. ...and if anyone knows a way of deleting them from your phone without them being lost from the blog I would be keen to know!