Monday, 1 April 2013

The Dragons of Stoke Hall

Dramatic footage today of Stoke Hall being attacked by a pair of dragons.
Taking a short break from the Realm, today I've got some dragons from Bryan's collection for your perusal. Several of these were featured in White Dwarf 96, which gave some advice of painting and assembling dragons, together with some Warhammer stats for them. Haven't got a copy of WD96 handy? I've included the relevant scans at the end of this post. If you're thinking of taking an Empire or Bretonnian army along to the Oldhammer weekend, then according to Warhammer Armies, adding a wizard means a dragon becomes an acceptable bound host choice...

Great Imperial Dragon, sculpted by Nick Bibby, painted by Mike McVey (?). A great, gnarly dragon, shares some similarities (but one less head) with Kegox, one of Nick's other great dragons. The Great Imperial Dragon can usually be found standing with one foot on a dragon skull. Bryan does have that skull in his collection but it was located elsewhere when this pic was taken.

Blue Dragon (minus sorceress) painted by ? An early flier credits the Blue Dragon and Sorceress set as being sculpted by Trish Carden and Bob Naismith, but it's not clear who did what. 

Horned Dragon, sculpted by Nick Bibby, painted by Mike McVey. A lovely dragon in my opinion, and Mike's painting really sets it off. Lovely subtle shading.

I hadn't paid much attention to the Horned Dragon in the past but Mike's painting really sets this one off, and I think I'll be looking out for it more in future. Its very lithe, and I think it would make an impressive addition to and elvish host.

Green Dragon (minus dwarf treasure hunter), sculpted by Trish Carden, painted by?. 

Marauder Dragon, sculpted by? Painted by?

Young Fire Dragon, sculpted by Nick Bibby, painted by Mike McVey.

Rock Dragon (minus wounded knight, sword and helmet), sculpted by Trish Carden, painted by Mike McVey.

Serpentine Dragon, sculpted by Nick Bibby, painted by Mike McVey.

Red Dragon (minus knightly hero), sculpted by Bob Naismith, painted by ? 

Left: Young Red Dragon, sculpted by Bob Naismith, painted by ?
Right: Young Green Dragon, scuplted by ?, painted by ?
Young Forest Dragon/Fire Drake, sculpted by Nick Bibby, painted by Mike McVey.

Here are the links to the article in White Dwarf 96 as promised:


  1. Amazing seeing these all gathered together! The Horned Dragon is my favourite too. And the picture of Stoke Hall with the dragons is exactly how I picture a home of Bryan Ansell - one day it is dragons circling overhead, the next a Bloodthrister jumping up and down on the roof, the next, glibbin' and drooling hordes of Chaos picnicing on the lawns...

  2. My copy of WD96 has the dragon evy metal; in upside down. Priceless collectors piece do you think?

    1. Even I wouldn't pay over the odds for that... ;-)

  3. I love that Horned Dragon too ... I have seen one painted white and it looks stunning. I don't know if you noticed but the other thing I like about it is it has exactly the same dragon body as the dragon Ogre from this era.

    I think that Marauder Dragon was Trish ... It is the one Dragon I would like to add to my collection.

    1. Thanks for pointing out the dragon ogre factoid - I hadn't noticed that.

    2. In fact, Serpentine and Nightmare also had parts in common...

  4. Recently I got pipped for the Marauder dragon at just over the silly low bid of£20 I put on it. why I failed to go higher I don't know.