Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bryan's cabinets of chaos

In my last post, private wierd (check out his blog if you want to see some truly inspiring Oldhammer battle scenes) asked if I could post some more pics of Bryan's chaos army from the Warhammer Armies book. I couldn't find any more images from the Armies book on my PC, but I did find pics of some of the chaos units currently on display in Bryan's cabinets, which I'd like to share with you. Bryan's display cabinets - as I'm sure you can imagine - are seriously impressive.

(Incidentally, if you're planning on getting married then you could do a lot worse than hire Stoke Hall as a venue. If you're now wondering, "Where the hell did that comment come from?!" - Stoke Hall is Bryan's home and its where these cabinets are on display, which wedding guests are able to view.)

A couple of shots, mainly of beastmen, to start with. Not all of the figures on display here are Citadel but most are:

Above: Kaleb Daark is lurking on the left of the pic and a Runequest manticore is of the right scale to fit in nicely with the other beastmen. To the right of the manticore is a chaos demon from the "C22 Creatures" range; a smashing figure, very Nurgle-esque. To the rear you can see a lovely little banner - great colour scheme and suitably demonic looking.

Above: interesting figure in blue on the front row - not sure of the manufacturer. To the extreme left you can see a conversion - according to the 1990 Fantasy Miniatures book it is by Ivan Bartleet. Apologies for it being out-of-focus. I thought I had a clearer pic somewhere but I can't find it.

On to some seriously well-painted units:

Above: isn't that just one of the best Nurgle banners you've ever seen? And take a close look at those shields...

Above: another excellent Nurgle banner - and - it's being held by a converted unreleased Empire wizard! You can see him here along with some other unreleased wizards in Bryan's collection. On the the left of the front row is a well painted unlisted chaos warrior. Rare-fest! There seems to be a lot of Slaaneshi activity in the back rows, unfortunately out-of-focus. If the opportunity presents itself I'll try to get some better pics of these figures at some point.

Above: some more Nurgle, this time Father Nurgle with a band of little nurglings. Awww, cute...

Above: another great banner, this time Khorne. Also another unlisted chaos warrior (to the right of the banner).

Finally here are some ogres, an unreleased Bob Olley Beast of Nurgle painted by Mike McVey (nestled between some Juggernauts and Bloodletters), and a random undead horde (included because of another great banner):

Hope you enjoyed those.


  1. Really did enjoy them, particularly like the zombies.

  2. Gorgeous stuff. Its great to see Bryan has preserved so many classic models that we know so well from our archives... Here's hoping Bryan brings a few of these along to the Oldhammer weekender for us to drool over!

    1. I'm pretty certain that Bryan and Marcus are planning on displaying a good quantity of their figures over the weekend.

  3. WOW!!!! Thank you, Steve!! What a dream it is seeing these beautiful, beautiful classics! And thank you too for the kind words and link.

  4. Such great, great stuff! Thanks much for sharing! Really enjoyed getting a closer look at some of those antique beastmen. I've been squinting at the pictures in the Warhammer Armies book for years, but it's hard to discern a lot of the details as they lie in the shadow of Bryan's fabulous hairdo.

  5. So YOU'RE Bridge End Steve! I've been buying stuff from you for 3 or 4 years, now, I think...ha ha! Thanks for the blog, it's looking very promising so far!

  6. So. Cool.
    I can't believe how nice the tones and details are on those Nurgly Beastmen. The banners and shields just seal the deal. Thoroughly impressed!

  7. Very cool getting to see some of this stuff close up.
    Thanks for posting.

    Also only just realised you are Bridge End Steve ... (reading the post above) also been buying stuff from you for a few years now. You have always been great to deal with. Nice to find you here.

  8. Lordy. Lordy lordy. I spent many an evening oogling over these miniatures in olde white dwarf issues and such. Delicious. Actually seeing these in the flesh, or holy of holies, playing against them would be a total joy.