Friday 19 April 2013

Golden Demon awards in the Golden Age: part 2 (1991)

In this second installment of Golden Demon awards in the Golden Age I will be sharing with you images of figures from the 1991 awards. This was the first year that Golden Demon was also held outside the UK (in the USA and Canada) and pictures of some of the overseas entries can be seen. The Scribd document begins with a two-page introduction to the awards (from White Dwarf 139); next are the entries themselves as seen in White Dwarf 140 including those from the USA and Canada; and finally (from page 22 on) some more Golden Demon finalists as seen in White Dwarf 141.

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  1. Thats me!
    2nd page, bottom load of photo's, Khorne symbol T-shirt.....

    Crikey I'd forgotten about that photo in white dwarf