Friday, 26 April 2013

Bryan's cabinets of chaos 4

This week's glimpse into Bryan's cabinets focuses on some of the chaotic beasts on display. As usual, there's some well painted treasures together with cool conversions and rarities.

First, above, some minotaurs. I just love these guys. Soooooo much more character than the current crop. Bluish chap back row, second from left is a Mike McVey paint job, and made an appearance in 'Eavy Metal in White Dwarf 97:

 Some of the others can be seen in various White Dwarf adverts in the 1980's.

Now this next one is interesting. At first glance I thought it was a CM1 Chimera that had been converted with the addition of a jabberwock head. Turns out though that it's actually a C29 Jabberwock that has had chimera heads added to it - brilliant!

Next is a C29 Cockatrice. This particular figure has never really done much for me, but I like the way this particular figure's wings have been painted:

Here comes a close-up of the unreleased Bob Olley Chaos Spawn that I pictured in a post a few weeks ago. This one has been painted by Mike McVey and demonstrates some nice blending. Just needs a bit of a dusting! :-)

Above: a large unit of chaos centaurs, and here is the White Dwarf ad (WD98) that they originally featured in:

Next are some Marauder figures - the actual ones that featured in White Dwarf 134 (Hydra) and 135 (chaos hounds):

The chap at the front is an unreleased cleric sculpted by Bryan:

Finally a bit of a treat for you: a couple of C35 "Elric" chaos warriors. The one on the left in red was painted by Bryan back in the day, and the one on the right was painted by his son Marcus in the last few months. And just to add a cherry on top, the two other figures in the left pic were painted by John Blanche.


  1. Another fascinating dip into the collection there, Steve. Seeing all these in a new light got me thinking, you really should explain to use why Bryan still has all these models. Did he take the painted examples home each month? Were they part of the sale of GW into 1991?

  2. I'm kinda glad so many of these great models are all still in the same collection. It would be awful if they were split up and sold off to random collectors. They're a huge part of wargaming history, and I hope they're never separated.

    Also, I'm lucky enough to own the Minotaur Lord from the first pic! (the one on the front row, far left). I considered converting it, but I couldn't bring myself to damage it, and I ended up just painting it as is!