Monday 4 June 2018

Sons of Horus Sicaran and Leviathan Dreadnought finished

My last post was an update on my progress with the Questoris Knight and the Sicaran tank I've started painting; since then the hobby butterfly struck and I also picked up a Forge World Leviathan Dreadnought which I wanted to add to my Sons of Horus force. The good news is I've actually finished the Sicaran and the Dreadnought, and made significant progress on the knight.

First up, the Sicaran:

The main colour is actually slightly more green than it appears in the pic. I've been looking for a colour scheme for my SOH for some time, and I've tried various approaches none of which I've been entirely happy with. I've finally settled on a mix of two Vallejo Model Colour paints: 1 part Turquoise to 4 parts Scurvy Green. You could possibly get a close match by substituting GW Sotek Green and Kabalite Green respectively.

The tracks are pretty simple really - just a base coat of something metallic like gunmetal, and then wash it with various brown inks and washes, and a bit of some sort of rust pigment. I find it a case of keep adding stuff until I'm happy. I also added some Forge World weathering pigment powder (light mud?) to the tracks, and also to the lower parts of the tank.

Next is the Dreadnought:

I have to say I'm really pleased with how this one turned out. Again the same colour mix for the SOH green. I then added a bit of grey for the shading, or added some emerald green for the highlights. But truly, I dont think the exact shade or highlight colour is important here - I just grabbed whatever was close to hand.

The base was painted all over in GW khorne red, and then drybrushed successively with the following GW dry paints: veminlord hide, golgfag brown, eldar flesh.

I've really enjoyed working on these two and I'll probably turn my attention to some SOH troops next. I'm curious to see how they look with some careful airbrushing.

I'm also making good progress on my knight. This is despite messing up a seraphim sepia wash by adding it with a brush rather than the airbrush, but more on that later!

Airbrushing tips

I've been watching a fair few YouTube videos on airbrushing recently, and rather than waffling on here I thought I'd share some of my favourites for those of you who are new to airbrushing or want to have a go:

-12 Things I Learned From Airbrushing For 1 Year
- Airbrush tutorial, tips for better airbrushing - Short Guide Plastic Models
- How to Airbrush Vallejo Model Color Tutorial (this video opened my eyes to the use of flow improver)
- Air Brush Basics: Mixing Paint Air Pressure Cleaning Made Simple (Luke APS channel - always good for a variety of hobby tips)
-What Pressure Should I Spray at

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