Tuesday 20 May 2014

Unreleased playtest/prototype Titan (Bryan Ansell's collection)

Work and family commitments have resulted in a lull in my blog posts recently, but now I'm back and my unreleased cup overfloweth. I've got plenty of fine figures to show you, both from Bryan Ansell's collection and also ones I've accumulated for my own personal collection over the last few months. So, on with the show.

***PLEASE NOTE*** this blog post has been updated since the start of the day. I initially though I was blogging about an unreleased Rogue Trader era robot but it appears it's an unreleased playtest/prototype Titan.

Today's offering was found in Bryan's collection and is an imposing Citadel Miniatures unreleased playtest/prototype Titan sculpted by Bob Naismith (thanks for confirming that Bob!):

The figure in the image above was carefully assembled from six components parts as follows:

Confirmation that it is indeed a prototype Titan came from Apocolocyntosis over at the Tactical Command forum. Apocolocyntosis shared this great image that shows the above Titan in the bottom left corner:

I don't know what the symbol (if symbol it is) above the head is meant to represent, but a top-down view reveals the double-headed Imperial Eagle crest on each shoulder:

This view also reveals what appears to be three holes possibly for weapon mounts, although no weapons were present with this sculpt. Interestingly, the figure that appears in the bottom left of the earlier image is also without weapons.

So, what do you think? Is it a figure you would like to have owned?

More stuff from Bryan's collection very soon, including yet another unseen unreleased Rogue Trader adventurer, and another unseen unreleased Tyranid!


  1. it's quite a rough sculpt, a bit like a t-32 tank in his roughness, I guess not the finished product

  2. It looks like an Epic TItan, the beattle back armour and the positions of the weapons.
    Do you think it's possible?


  3. It's possible that Bryan's memory isn't entirely accurate on this but unless I hear good info from a different source...

  4. I'm pretty sure it's a metal prototype for a Warlord Titan, made when Adeptus Titanicus was in development. I think the sculptor was Bob Naismith. I don't think it was ever intended for release (the decision to do the Warlords for the box in plastic was made early on), but we needed something for playtesting and early advertising. It may also have been made as a concept piece and used as reference by the plastics guy (wish I could remember his name) for planning out the components and sprue layout.

    There were some RT robots around the same time. Mike Brunton wrote a WD article about them. But I'm almost certain this isn't one of them.

    1. John Thorthwaite - it just came back to me. He knew about die-cutting and moulding for plastics, and worked very closely with Bob to make the first Citadel plastics happen.

  5. Thanks Graeme - I've messaged Bob so I'll see what he comes back with.

  6. HOLD THE PRESS! One of the awesome blokes at Tactical Command has this image saved - check out the bottom left of the image here: http://www.taccmd.tacticalwargames.net/download/file.php?id=10177&mode=view

  7. Excellent finds Steve, keep them coming. BTW do you get to keep these lovelies?

  8. Note the Marine Tripod/Squat Heavy Weapon Trike Multimelta that's been added to to form the gun arm...

  9. I can't make out the marking on the forehead but my guess would be that it's a legion badge. There were a lot of legion badge/name concepts floating around at the time this was made, and not all of them made it into the released game.

  10. What an interesting find - especially as I've just stripped and am looking at painting one of the plastic Warlord Titans over the next few weeks.