Monday, 16 September 2013

Bryan's cabinets of chaos: mystery beastmen

When I started my "Bryan's cabinets of chaos" series of posts it became evident that scattered among his ranks of old Citadel beastmen and broo were a number of figures of uncertain origin. Some were identified as conversions but others remain a mystery. These figures were on display at the Oldhammer Weekend at Foundry, so I took the opportunity to document them for the record. Bryan has no real memory of what these are or where they came from, but thinks that some may have originated in the USA (Bryan recounts that a number of American miniatures companies rose and quickly fell back in the early days).

Do you recognise any of these figures? If so please let me know.

Possibly Ral Partha or Grenadier?

Figure on the right may be a Skaven - cant quite tell from the angle. But what is the figure on the left?

Possibly Ral Partha?


  1. Sorry, Steve, don't have a clue on a single mini here... (guess if you don't, there's no chance I might).
    I really love that wolf/dog with the flute, a very evocative model.

    1. Yes there's some nice stuff in there. The hog-man and the last pic are great.

  2. The troglodyte with the club is from ral partha. Iron Wind miniatures got the mould and he s selling it.

  3. I have the guy in the 9th Photo, or at least a weapon variant. No idea what manufacturer he is from but it has

    (C) 1985 GCC
    on the underside of its base.

  4. Some of those are amazing, so characterful.

  5. Great selection of converted miniatures and unknown Beastmen . I love the Beastman playing a clarinet in photo 5.

    I think the guy on the left in photo 6 might be a converted C11 Range Gnome. There is a Gnome with a halberd that might have been the basis for it:

  6. 3 looks like a Dungeon Dwellers troglodyte. 4 looks like a Grenadier John Dennet sculpt, probably from the Dragon Lords range. Sybou34 has named 13. 14 may be a Ral Partha Bushido figure. 15 is a Dungeon Dweller wererat.

  7. I am certain that i have a box somewhere with other oddball beastcreatures that I never got round to painting all those years ago.I should have organised someone else to paint them for me! I think I showed them to Steve at some point. You may remember a partly painted Citadel Chaos Marauder with a bandage round his face sat on a probably Heritage Martian six legged beast Steve. I think that all of them date from the period that Citadel was at Victoria Street: I would pick them up at American shows, but I think they were converted and painted gradually over a number of years. themwere t'days eh?

    1. Yes I remember that box Bryan - the martian beast jogged my memory. I seem to recall it was an assortment of beastmen and the like that you had gathered together for a project. Some Citadel but lots of stuff I had no clue about.

  8. 4 is a Grenadier beastman.
    6 - guy on the left is a Heritage Bunrab or Squog? Can't remember which!
    9 is from 'Off the Wall Armies' Richard Kerr sculpts.
    13 is a Ral Partha frog / lizard warrior.....again memory fails me...must be the wine....
    15 is, I think, a Heritage wererat or ratman type.
    Note to self....don't drink wine and try to id old lead......