Monday 4 November 2013

The Bryan Ansell collection: Rogue Trader Eldar (Citadel Miniatures)

Last month I blogged about the wonderfully-painted Eldar in Dave Perry's collection, many of which date back to the original Eldar of the Rogue Trader period. This months kicks off with yet more Eldar, this time some of the ones from Bryan Ansell's collection. I number of these figures appeared in the Rogue Trader rulebook and the Book of the Astronomican.

What I particularly like about these Eldar is their colour schemes, which really "pop." You will notice that some of them are clearly unfinished, having had just a base coat applied. I'm guessing that these figures either formed part of a step-by-step painting guide, or else were part of a larger force destined to be photographed, with time pressures meaning that they faded into the background and didn't need to be finished off to high standard.


  1. These eldars really rock. I think Jes got the space elf concept spot on immediately.
    As for the paint ob, I remember in the WDs aorund 130 to 145 reading about a 4-step painting technique in which allowed to spend littel time on rank and file and a bit more on characters and which allowed to come back on a paintjob whenever you felt like it.
    Step 1 was basically just appyling the base colour to be able to field the force.
    I can't remember which issue it is but there is a tutorial about eldars oni one of them showing some of your unfinished models and the famous Ork article about Andy Chambers goff army has an article from John Blanche about this 4-steps technique.
    I think it was actually a very good idea to get players to paint their models simply so they could play with them and then make them come back on the models to add details.
    I can dig the issues tonight if you want the references of the articles.

  2. Lovely models! Great paintjobs on them, especially the two at the top. Very trippy colour schemes!

    Those guardians definately are part of a painting guide, I also remember seeing them somewhere, but I'm not sure where! I'm sure Asslessman will find the articles!

  3. That would be issue 134 with the orks and 136 with the elders. Oh and by the way there are actually 5 steps, the last one being god mode aka "a la Mike McVey".

  4. What a super selection of Eldar figures! I love some of the more unusual colour schemes. The Harlequin Avatar and Death Jesters are the painted versions shown on the rear of the Harlequins regiments of renown box set, and I'm pretty sure the d-cannon crew were used in White Dwarf colour ads.