Thursday, 7 November 2013

Mining the Ansell horde: unseen unreleased Eltharion the High Elf

Following in the footsteps of the unreleased Rogue Trader adventurers, the latest previously unseen unreleased figure in Bryan Ansell's collection dates back to the early 1990's: Eltharion the High Elf. This figure is still available from Games Workshop but was originally a Marauder sculpt. Here's the advert for Eltharion riding Stormwing from the Citadel catalogue 3 (the Green Catalogue) from 1992 (image from the Stuff of Legends):

The variant I've discovered in Bryan's collection is a variant of Eltharion himself; Bryan's Stormwing figure is identical to the released version. The unreleased Eltharion is missing the high-backed "saddle" but gains a rather magnificent cloak:


  1. Stormwing is a really nice model to paint. A friend let me paint his and it was a real joy. I have to say the cloak is really gorgeous with its ouroboros symbol while maybe a tad flat (can't really tell from the picture) It's definitely better than the high saddle anyway.
    Is the upper part if the cloak supposed to be some pelt or Eltharion's hair?
    Eltharion with raised sword is also better looking than the original.

    1. Not sure about the cloak/hair thing! I suppose you could paint it either way?

    2. Not sure I could, since it's a near unique model ;)
      However, I would defintely paint it like goldne hair falling on a brightred cloak (how cliché)...


  2. It's a good thing really that Jes redid the rider. The painted version seems to have a yet another different cloak which is odd. One has to wonder what became of him?

  3. He released version has another sword as well. Eltharion was my very first model bought ever.