Friday, 1 August 2014

Have you ever seen a Sphincter Beast?

Well you have now:

Sculpted by Rick Priestley, who comments:

Ah - I think that's a Bouncing Vrubee (or some such) sculpted for Asgard back in the day - pre-dates RT by quite a few years - not sure if it was ever officially released though as it's not on the Stuff of Legends site.

This one is in Bryan Ansell's collection.

Go on, admit it - you NEED one of these...


  1. The crude sculpt and the silly concept can't really change the fact I have to paint one. It's a pink sphincter with a gun for God' sake ! I can paint chaos toilet but nothing can beat a sphincter beast in my rogue trader setting.

  2. Fantastic miniature! I'm a big fan of really old and bizarre sculpts - Asgard SF range in particular. Have a few of the Trimotes, Orts and Mandiblexes - some even painted.

    A good source for these beauties: