Wednesday 17 July 2013

Dave Andrews' Bretonnian Joust diorama 1996

The year 1996 is a bit after my period of collecting interest (and also a bit before - if that makes sense), and the mid to late 1990's in general are a bit of a black hole as far as my knowledge and interest (currently) lies, but I couldn't resist snapping pics of this diorama by Dave Andrews when I visited Warhammer World Nottingham last Saturday. Dave is the man when it comes to building dioramas and scenery (more in a future post) and has been at Games Workshop/Forge World since just after the dinosaurs went extinct.

Despite its creation date this diorama still "counts" in my period of interest given the number of older figures in it; I'll leave it to the eagle-eyed among you to spot them (I've picked out some). All in all, it's a superb diorama.

Above: you can just about make out the boy aiming for the night in the bottom two pictures below.
The images are pretty large, so if you want to zoom in then as usual right click on an image and open in a different tab.

Above: woman in red on the right is a Marauder Miniatures townsfolk; she is chatting to an old Citadel cannon crewman.

Above: small girl on far right and boy firing at knight are villager children from the old Citadel Fantasy Specials range (early 1980's).

It was featured in White Dwarf 215 (UK edition) which also contained some cut-out buildings etc for a joust game. Here is the article in question:


  1. I remember this piece from WD!
    Thanks for bringing the memories back:
    somehow I find the old stuff MUCH more enjoyable than 99% of the whole new crap EE releases.



  2. I think I'm going to drown in a pool of my own froth! I've never seen that diorama before and it's great to see some real oldies used in it to excellent effect. It really goes to show how characterful some of the older models are and it's kind of sad to know that with the current ranges those type of characters just aren't there anymore.

  3. Probably my favourite piece of Dave's work. So many details and stories that I keep going back to. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Glad you like the pics. Have to say though I do like a fair bit of the new stuff - you just have to approach it with a slightly different mindset.

  5. He is a legend - this stuff came after my sabbatical from the hobby also , great to see what I missed out on .

  6. I've noticed a lot of 90s stuff appearing on your blog Steve, I'm beginning to think that all your talk about not liking the 90s is just words! ;) A big thumbs up from me, I love this diorama and all of Dave's work. The battlefield he made for this month's apocalypse battle report shows that he still has the golden touch. If you ever get a chance to photograph some other dioramas from the 90s, especially Mike McVey's Wood Elf vs. Undead diorama, it would be great!

    1. Weeelllll....I wouldn't say I don't like the 90's its just that a lot of the stuff that came along doesn't do much for me, and I'm not a fan of the red era. Horses for courses :-) I do indeed have pics of the Wood Elf vs Undead diorama which I will do a post on, but I need to find out first if it featured in a White Dwarf - any idea?

    2. it did with a whole masterclass by McVey in a french WD at least (with an how to about designing banners), I can track the number or at least the time if you want to find the british equivalent.

    3. That would be great, thanks.

    4. Great to hear you have the pics, the UK issue number is 198 (June 1996)

    5. Thanks - I dont think I have that one so I'll have to pick one up from ebay.