Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Colonial wars Afghan command

So this post marks a bit of a turning point for me: I've recently been bitten by the historicals wargaming and painting bug. I seem to have developed a fascination with the "little wars" of the Victorian era, and I'm also turning my attention to WWII gaming in various scales (but more of that another day). To kick it off, here are a couple of rather splendid Afghan command figures from Wargames Foundry, suitable for a range of conflict in the 19th century:

I've painted them almost exclusively with Foundry triad paints, and even gone for basing them on pennies for that traditional feel (OK, I may have done that while I'm waiting for some 20mm round mdf bases to arrive). I would particularly recommend the various Foundry skin paint triads; these figures were painted with the near eastern triad which works a treat.

I'm going to be starting a rather large project soon, based on the Indian Mutiny of 1857. It's a particularly versatile conflict from a gaming and painting perspective due to the variety of troops (and consequently uniform design) and size of conflicts (skirmishes to sieges) involved. Hopefully I'll have lots more to update you on that soon.

So where does all this leave my hobby in terms of Warhammer fantasy and 30k/40k/RT? Well, for the time-being that side of my hobby will be shelved so I can concentrate on the historicals, but I'm sure I'll feel the urge to paint the occasional figure as a change (given the number of historicals I have planned!).

I had wondered whether to start a new blog, but I thought what the heck I'll just continue with this one as an extension of documenting my hobby. I have tinkered with the look, however, because I fancied a change.



  1. Very cool stuff Steve. Ya I've never got the I have three different blogs thing. Just keep it all in one place. I'll be following along with interest.

  2. The foundry skin triads are a great time saver I have three already but need to get the others. Keep the blog going it’s all stuff you have painted.

  3. I find that pennies have a nicer edge than mdf bases, as they're smooth. Plus it gives the figures a pleasing weight.

    Great work, Steve. Starting projects like this is always a great excuse to buy a load of books on the subject.

  4. Welcome to Historical Wargaming, I've been hooked to it for a few years now myself with WW2 and Interwar being my period of gaming/painting along with a dabel of Dark Ages.

  5. Good to see you blogging again. If you you're interested in groups for the "little wars" I can recommend The Men who would be Kings on Facebook