Thursday, 31 December 2015

TFOG Slann colour scheme and my first sculpt

Trying to get some Slann painted for the Tale of Four Oldhammer Gamers project is like wading through treacle! I'm really struggling with these little frogs. It's partly me being indecisive about a colour scheme, partly I'm finding it difficult to paint detail on the frog skin, and finally it's just a case of committing to a painting project and then finding I want to paint anything but that project!

So in the interests of trying to write at least one blog post per month on my progress, here's a side-by-side of two different colour schemes I'm contemplating:

"Traditional northern European" green vs "Amazonian tree frog" blue and orange. So what do you think? Any preference?

I've managed to get this blog post in on the very last day of the month. This is due in part to much of my hobby time this month being spent on a new pursuit - sculpting. I enjoyed converting my Odo figure last month so much I figured I would try to sculpt a complete figure, and here he is:

He's based on a painting that can be found on the rear cover of the Lost and the Damned Chaos book. I'm pretty pleased with him as a first sculpt, although I acknowledge of course that there's a lot of improvement needed! But the main thing is I really enjoyed doing this, and I hope to do a lot more next year.

I wish you all a happy, healthy and hobby-filled 2016!


  1. I like both of your slann colour schemes and the way I see it, the colour variation you can achieve on the troops, the more vivid and impressive the army will look at the end. Also, it will reduce the stress of painting loads of samey models in the coming months. But the real stand out piece you ahve done is that sculpt! Fantastic!

  2. You could do a mix of colours? Unless you are married to the idea of a consistent theme? The frog terrarium (vivarium?) at our local zoo has several colours happily mixed together (yellow, orange, blue, green) and they look cool. Love the sculpt!

  3. I'm with Warlord Paul - I always thought that Slann could come in a variety of different colours... maybe its a matter of the Slann's age or caste.
    In any case, the sculpting is amazing. I wish I had that sort of ability. I hope you keep it up.

  4. Ugh...I feel your pain; BOTH color schemes look great!

  5. Love the sculpting, really great old style Chaos feel to him. I especially like the teeth and face on the breastplate.

    Always nice to see Slann. :)
    Like Warlord Paul and Matthew Sullivan I like both schemes. I chose to paint my Slann in different colours for each regiment.
    The Blowpipers, Scouts, and Jungle Braves are more exotically coloured, whilst the 'batch bred' Bull Slann are all the same colour in each regiment, but less bright. For the general Slann population I chose a mix of colours, with a lot of green, blue, and yellow as well predominant. I tended to base the exotic coloured Slann on Tropical frogs.