Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Unreleased Rogue Trader adventurer (Bryan Ansell's collection)

Today's offering from the Ansell horde is yet another unreleased Rogue Trader Adventurer:

This figure is labelled "Feral Shaman" on the tab and was produced in 1987. I don't know who sculpted it but at a guess I would say Trish Carden or Aly Morrison. Could be wrong though. No idea who painted it but it was part of the collection of Bryan's painted Rogue Trader Adventurers that can be found in this advert from White Dwarf 99:

I have no idea what he's carrying under his arm - any suggestions? Also, does anyone recall reading about feral shamans in the old Rogue Trader rulebooks or White Dwarfs, or do you think he's just a "generic character"?


  1. That's a great find. Cool archetype, the wrist watch really makes it for me. Reminds me of the character of John Savage from Brave New World (1980)

  2. I wonder if the Hero (Feral Hero tag) are related or were going toexpand to a feral range based on mad max types?

  3. Is that a weird organic-looking bagpipe? Looks super creepy.