Tuesday 22 October 2013

Adeptus Administratum: latest unreleased Rogue Trader Citadel Miniature (Bryan Ansell collection)

The good news about the latest "new old" unreleased Rogue Trader figure in Bryan Ansell's collection is that we are able to positively ID it from its base tag: "Administratum":

Furthermore, we have an image of the Adeptus Administratum from the original Rogue Trader rulebook which clearly marks this figure:

The image is a pretty faithful rendering of the figure complete with book and dagger (or vice versa - I don't know which came first).

As per usual I don't know why this figure wasn't released. It's a fairly rough sculpt but I don't think it's too rough to have warranted a release. I would have bought one if I was in the market for an Administratum figure back in the day.

Neither does it seem to be a re-hash of another sculpt; the pose is not the same as any other figure I'm familiar with. If you are aware of a figure with a similar pose please let me know.

I'll leave you with a description of the Adeptus Administratum from the old Rogue Trader rulebook:

...And finally, there is still one more unreleased Rogue Trader era figure to come. Stay tuned!


  1. What a pity such a mini wasn't released, models of civilians and NPC's are definitely interesting especially in the RT universe...

  2. Pete Knifton art. :)
    When I read the text from the RT book I get lots of ideas for small skirmish scenarios. A pity the miniature wasn't released.

  3. I put a bet on it being a Jes Goodwin sculpt. Although not the same base model, it shares a lot of features, pose and sculpting style with the Chaos Sorceror Shreve the Inquisitor.

  4. Apart from the fact he's pointing at something (which I find an odd pose), it's almost identical to the picture. Shame its unreleased, but hey, why not release it now?!...*hint hint*