Tuesday 11 June 2013

Bryan Ansell's Genestealer cult

On 15th December 2012 Foundry Miniatures in Nottingham played host to an old school Rogue Trader participation day. It was a fun day with some gorgeous old school figures and game boards on display. Bryan Ansell had brought along some of his old Citadel figures, including his fantastic Genestealer cult. I took a bunch of pictures of the cult, and decided to get blogging...(6 months later!).

Many of the figures below featured in Bryan's Khornate Genestealer Cult that was described in a series of articles in White Dwarf issues 114 - 116. These issues featured a background to Genestealers in Warhammer 40k written by Paul Murphy, some fabulous artwork, and a number of figures painted by the 'Eavy Metal team (together with "how to" painting guides). Not all of the figures below were strictly speaking part of the particular cult featured, and sadly not all members of the cult were present on the day.

My blog post starts with the pictures of the figures from the day, followed by some of the 'Eavy Metal figures and painting guides.

Apologies that some of these are out of focus - I was so wrapped up in the figures that I didn't check the pictures as I went along! It was only after I arrived home that I realised my mistake.

Genestealer hybrids

Unarmed 1st generation hybrid (conversion). Gun has been removed to give it an aggressive stance.

2nd generation hybrid with flamer (conversion). Bits from a plastic space marine added  to the hybrid's gun.


Converted Magus - the head of a 4th generation hybrid and the body of a Khornate Chaos Champion. Plastic lasgun from the Rogue Trader Imperial Guard boxed set. Painted by Darren Matthews.


Genestealer Patriarch (actually a purestrain but used as a patriarch?) with lashing Chaos Sword (conversion) by Mike McVey. Sword from a Khornate Chaos Champion.



Unreleased genestealer hybrid as seen in White Dwarf 120.

Rogue Psyker with lasgun and sword (conversion) painted by Ivan Bartleet.

Scratch-built limousines (Dale Hurst)

White Dwarf 124 gives the background to these limousines:

Limousine 1

Limousine 2

Unreleased prototype tyranid (left) and unreleased genestealer hybrid (right).

Imperial guard coven members.

'Eavy Metal and White Dwarf pages

The cult as shown on the rear of White Dwarf 116

From White Dwarf 116

From White Dwarf 116 - painting techniques


  1. Joy. This was the army and articles that hooked me on genestealer cults. One of my happiest finds was the running patriarch model.

  2. Great to see these again. I keep meaning to get some paint on my Genestealers that I've slowly amassed over the years but I never get around it.

  3. Thanks for this great post. I have been a fan of these ever since I saw them in WD 124 (which is BTW a great WD issue). Great to see these classic limousines up close. Thx/Hans

  4. great post these editions of white dwarf sent me mental and i attempt to clone all the miniatures, still have them somewhere???

  5. The genestealer cult has always been my favourite 40K armies and it's always good to see them featured.

    Purestrain genestealers turned up as patriarchs now and then; I recall that the ork-genestealer brood in White Dwarf #135 had one too.

  6. What a collection of true beauties! :o

  7. when I was 13 years buy that white drwaf, until now I decided to make my own cult, thanks Brian for this work of art

    there leave my worship:

  8. Wonderful stuff. Always great to see more love for stealer cults!