Tuesday 21 June 2016

TFOG June: the last Slann

Ahhhh...can you smell that? The sweet smell of a painting challenge completed. Here is my final entry for a Tale of Four Oldhammer Gamers:

Here we have 4 bull riders with light armour (140 points) plus a level 10 hero in heavy armour (102 points). By my reckoning that takes my grand total to 1015 points.

Now on to BOYL and the Big Battle!


  1. That's 3 of us complete then, just James to finish :) Looking good too Steveo

  2. It smell goood for you Steve! Dont forget the pic of tghe whole Slann force!

  3. They look great Steve it's very hard to get those cold one models to come out with a good crisp finish on the scales, good colour choices for the unit.