Thursday, 29 October 2015

A Tale of Four Oldhammer Gamers: flogging a dead mojo

This month I bring you the gift of scantily-clad eunuchs, and I dedicate the post to my three fellow Oldhammerers Chico, James, and Paul. Simply because they are a great bunch of lads. Why, what do you think I meant?

So here we have them (the eunuchs that is):

From left to right we have: Nolg, Zolg, Lolg, Dolg, Folg, Molg, Tolg, Solg, Holg, and Clarence.

I heavily borrowed the painting scheme for these guys that can be seen in an advert from White Dwarf 96:

I used Foundry paints and I particularly like their Sky Blue triad, which you can see on the warpaint and shields, and goes on like a dream. It's going to be the spot colour for my army.

I need to tidy up the bases but every time I enter a painting challenge my painting mojo just shrivels up and dies!

I'm also a few points short this month. According to da roolz these guys come in at just 45 points. Ah well, Paul's excess points on his wraith rider this month restores the balance!


  1. Short points this and last month eh? Heh you are going to need that extra bonus month of painting.. we'll call it Stevember.

  2. That's OK, a level 25 hero riding a dragon..oh, I've said too much already :-)

  3. These are quite cool! I like the blue warpaint. Cheers, Karl

  4. They do look good. The monopose thing isn't really me, but it's an interesting unit nevertheless because of the warpaint.

    I sympathise on the mojo thing, this time of year is too damn busy for painting to take its rightful place.

  5. Well done, I always like the old frog Slann and their human component.