Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Kev Adams collection part 3

In this week's post I feature some of Kev's painted Machineries of Destruction, plus a prize-winning chariot he painted for a Citadel Open Day.

I'll mostly let the pictures do the talking. I've tried to focus on Kev's incredible attention to detail when it comes to the bases.

All three of the Machineries of Destruction featured here are the actual ones from the covers of the boxes in which these kits were sold. You can see the box covers on the Stuff of Legends.


MD2 Skull Crusher, Mighty Goblin Stone Throwing Trebuchet

MD3 Lead Belcher, Goblin Organ Gun Multiple Cannon

MD5 Man-Mangler, Orc Mangonel

Goblin King's Chariot

If you look centre-right you can see the top of the banner that originally adorned the chariot, which is know unfortunately broken. Details of the banner can be seen below.

Here's the Tabletop Heroes blurb in White Dwarf 66 from June 1985 that refers to Kev winning an old Open Day painting competition with this entry:

Kev's chariot is featured (top left) in the accompanying series of photographs:


  1. Wow.
    thank you so much for posting this blog update.

    I have always loved the box covers for these models (as well as the models themselves), but the close up on the extra detailing are wonderful. The bases are great, even better close up. From the wheel ruts from the Skull Crusher, to the myriad of little plants. I like the little 'Audrey' on photograph 30.

    It's great to see all the painting details on the Goblins and Orcs themselves. The tattoos, warpaint, and cloth patternings are wonderful. The Goblin rammer's hood and clothing are lovely. I think the overhead photograph of the Lead Belcher in photo 14 is one of my favourites. Great verde gris on the mortar.
    I still want to paint shields as good as the ones on the Man-Mangler.

    Wonderful post Steve, thank you for posting. :)

  2. Yeeargh!! Bleahhh!! erm, sorry...having a little trouble expressing myself. See, I've been squinting at pictures of these same models, minus the chariot, for about 25 years trying to make out all the incredible little details. Now I can finally see everything up close. The clumps of mushrooms, the puddles, the pimples on the Orc spotter...the greening on the barrel of the organ gun and the tiny designs on the clothing of one of the crew...amazing! Thanks a ton for posting these and for taking us back, for a moment, to the height of the Golden Age of fantasy minis! The chariot is gorgeous too! I think I'm finally going to crack and start trying to find one.

  3. I bought the trebuchet from the GW store in Torquay in about 1990-1 and was mesmerised by the painted example on the box. I never painted it and have absolutely no recollection of what happened to it, sadly. Looking at these picture is high nostalgia for me.

  4. I had a lot of fun writing the silly stories on the box backs for these. Skull Crusher was about the first thing I wrote when I started on staff at GW.

  5. Wonderful photos. The detail is out of sight. The stubble on the Mangonel crew tells a story all their own! One thing I love is almost incidental: the planks of wood that everything is built on. They're rough and ready but perfect for their subjects.

  6. I always loved Kev's painted goblin warmachines. His bases are so cool! I can (and have) stared at these things for many hours ;)

  7. Fantastic, amazing details and great basement...

  8. Great to see the amazing Gnoll chieftens chariot (or later great goblin) Kev's painting is sublime of probably my favourite ever Perry sculpt!