Tuesday 16 June 2015

Iron Wind Metals interview with Tom Meier

David Wood of the Dear Tony Blair blog just shared a link on Facebook to an Iron Wind Metals interview with Tom Meier. Tom discusses how he got started sculpting, and his opinions on working with various mediums. It makes for fascinating viewing!

The video is part of a series that focuses on Iron Wind Metal's recent successfully funded Ral Partha Chaos Wars kickstarter that I blogged about last month.

Let's hope that Iron Wind Metals release more videos featuring Tom!


  1. I love that movie-star gravelly accent he has! A modest man, too - "right place, right time" - despite being responsible even for the term "greens"....

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Outstanding!! But it suddenly ended just when he got to that amazing table set-up!! Argh! Such a joy to see though. Thanks for posting this, Steve! Now I just want to get out my Meier Elves and wear a tie and a great sports jacket.

  3. Great interview! Thanks for sharing!