Tuesday 14 April 2015

Colony 87 - 28mm Sci-Fi Civilians by Michael Anderson

I just had to share this one. Jon Boyce, my buddy and stalwart of the Oldhammer Community, has teamed up with the uber-talented sculptor Michael Anderson on a Kickstarter to produce a range of 28mm Sci-Fi Civilians. They are fantastic! Perfect for Rogue Trader, or gaming Dune or Judge Dredd!

Check out the character on these sculpts:

You can sign up to the Kickstarter here. Go on, you know you need to!


  1. Thanks Steve. Glad you like them ;) Fingers crossed this one goes well, then I can make a dozen more!

  2. Thrilled to see this concept emerge as a Kickstarter, particularly when backed up with such cool concepts and sculpts. I've pledged; here's hoping it's a roaring success!

  3. I've been salivating over these since the images were first posted on Facebook :)

  4. Done! Hopefully we will see the range expanded!

  5. These are beautiful! As I mentioned on Orlygg's blog; they inspire me to find a use for them.

    Firefly, Sensei warbands, 40k rpg... my head is spinning!