Friday 13 June 2014

The Bryan Ansell collection: Space Marine Scouts (Rogue Trader era)

Just a quickie today to showcase some of the painted Games Workshop/Citadel Miniatures Space Marine scouts in Bryan Ansell's collection. A mixture of metal and plastic (from the Advanced Space Crusade set). Some of the plastic scouts are particularly well-painted, and the metal scouts look great with the face paint!


  1. Those metal scouts are absoklutely gorgeous and they shouldn't shy in front of modern paintjobs !

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I remember that second last guy, he was one of the best looking scouts I reckon.

  3. When I see models such as these plastic scouts, I often start thinking that I ought to buy up some of the incomplete [Advanced] Space Crusade boxes on eBay. I was messing around with Heroquest minis with my daughter the other day and I think that they were/are surprisingly good miniatures - even in all their uni-pose glory - and that's before you consider that they were toys first, miniatures second. And as these pics show, they paint up really nice - and 'better' minis are beyond my ability to do them justice!

  4. I had (and recently sold) those old plastic scouts. Gosh they were horrible sculpts! :)

    But the metals scouts I never got around to purchasing as I was on a Squats kick back then. These painted ones are really impressive.