Friday, 21 February 2014

Tim Pollard's pinhead Yakuza

Found this interesting character in Tim Pollard's collection:

The body was produced with a number of head variants, for both GW's TSR range and their Oriental Heroes ranges. But thus pinhead version never made it into release. I asked Tim if he was aware of a back-story; he thought that it was an idea to:

"allow extra (full-sized) heads to be sculpted over it. No idea if that was a wind-up though, I have a feeling it was and that it was just a joke in itself..."

So, anyone have any other theories why this fellow might have been sculpted? Was there a pinhead yakuza in some comic book or something back in the '80s?


  1. Just the punchline to my favorite joke about the guy who wishes for a little head.....

  2. As a Mithril-Class Mutation Specialist, Hungry Ghosts would like you to know that this fellow is technically not a pinhead.

    Pinheads have small heads but they are indeed sloping up to a point at the top (so the head is rather like a cone), and tend to have little hair. This guy has a small head without any conical features, so would be microcephalic (note that there is only one "L" Mr Wood) but not a pinhead.

    Hungry Ghosts is also coincidentally listening to Head Cut by Siouxsie & the Banshees, which is about the desire to cut off a fellow's head and bring it home, where she assures it will be well cared-for. I believe her.