Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Tim Pollard collection: unreleased Space Marine with guitar

It is not known if this Space Marine was ever intended for release, or if it was simply an in-house cast. The front of the tab is labelled "MARINE" and the rear "GW 1987". I've looked through my back catalogue of Rogue Trader era Space Marines and I can't find any obvious candidate for a donor figure, so it's possible that this is a completely new sculpt. If anyone spots a potential donor then please leave a message. Slaanesh had their Noise Marines - is there anything in the fluff of the period that mentions Space Marines wielding guitars? Not that I'm aware of.

So here he is: pretty crude, but great fun!


  1. Speakers in the shoulder pads--nice!!

    1. Yes I thought that was a nice touch :-)

  2. I want it!!! Similar level of silliness as the Xmas Marines pair. Great fun.

  3. Haha very coolly aha very cool. I like the Flying V... But I always thought of marines as start players...:)

  4. Sit down and do your homework. Then go out and get a haircut. Your guitar playing won't get you anywhere in the Grim Dark Galaxy and you're not scrounging in my cupboards and living for free in my basement forever.
    -Marneus Calgar

  5. Nice!

    I remember a thing from way back in the early summer of 1988, when I had the lucky opportunity to visit the GW Studio in Nottingham. It was a great day and I was guided through the premises by Andy Jones (if I remember things right). Not only did I get a chat with Aly Morrison and Rick Priestly, but I also got to visit the photo studio. Back then I was a big Sigue Sigue Sputnik fan and my jaw dropped when I realised what they were currently shooting. Someone (can't remember who) in the studio had converted, and painted, some of the Blood Bowl Elf range into SSS. Catcher 03 was transformed into Tony James, Blitzer 02 into Martin Degville, Linesman 01 into Neal X etc. As I remember they were great! But I did never see any photos of them in White Dwarf afterwards. I have no idea who owned them but I'm sure that if there's anyone who could dig them up and get some photos of them it's you.

    Keep up the entertaining research!

  6. That's ace! Maybe they were going to do an entire band? Much like they did with the Space Ork Goff Rockers that came later. The gems you're finding in the collections of these ex-GW employees makes me wonder what and how much more nuggets of pure gold you're going to uncover in these collections!!

  7. I thought that pose was familiar...looks like he is related to the two marines in the bottom row: